Air Curtain

Air Curtains are Electrical Appliances usually used to separate Two Different Temperature Environments. When a Temperature controlled Room is frequently accessed by Opening the Door, a significant amount of Cold or Hot Air is Lost. This usually spikes up the overall consumption of electricity used for Cooling or Heating the Interior of a Room or Building. It is usually mounted over Top of the Door, which produces a High Velocity Air stream blowing from Top to Bottom, which acts as a barrier, preventing the Air to escape from inside or outside.

Air Curtains or Air Doors are built with different mounting preferences and a variety of accessories to fit the site requirements. Air Curtains may have Filters or Heating Options. Air Curtains are selected according to the Height and Width of the Door Opening. The Curtains not only preserve the controlled environment, but also reduce Energy costs as spent on Air Conditioners. Air Curtains find wide applications on Doors from Very Low Temperatures of Cold Storage to High Altitude Shelters, from Door openings of Labs to Hotels, Hospitals, Air Conditioned Spaces, etc. Air Curtains are Designed to withstand High Outside Wind Pressures, thereby reducing Temperature Losses and avoiding Entry of Dust/Insects Flies/ Pollens/ etc.

Air Curtains are available in Mild Steel Sheets, Stainless Steel Sheets, Aluminum Cabinets having balanced Impellors made from Extruded Aluminium & Double Shaft Electrical Single Phase or Three Phase Motors. Low Noise Levels & almost Nil Vibration ensure High Level of acceptance. Choice of Colours/ Robust Frame Work with Sleek finish/ Uninterrupted Air Flow are some of its salient features.