Sticky Mate

We Offer Sticky Mats with different color options and can be offered with High, Medium and Low Stickiness values. These Mats find extensive use in Industry Sectors like Electronics, Computer, Pharmaceutical and other Sectors. Sticky Mats assist in reducing Dust Inflow to a Perfect Clean Room Environment. Multiple layers of Polyethylene Film come Laminated for optimum performance. Every Mat Layer comes Coated with adhesives with High, Medium and Low Stickiness property. Easy and Durable to use, Easy usage involves removing the Top Contaminated Layer that reveals Fresh Mat Layer.

Features :

Offered with High, Medium and Low Stickiness Values

Every Mat Layer Comes Coated with Adhesives

Act as a Barricade for Sterile Environments

Bottom of the Mat is also stuck, which keeps it firmly in place

Can be placed on any type of Floor

Multi-layer Finish allows for quick and effective removal of Dirt from soles of Shoes

Multiple Layers of Polyethylene film that Come Laminated.